Why buy a used Honda car from licensed dealership in Brisbane

Considering to buy used Honda car in Brisbane? Remember to buy from a licensed Brisbane Honda dealer. You don’t want any technical or legal troubles after purchase, do you? The Queensland legislation has you covered!

Buying a used car from Brisbane dealerships will secure you a unit in good condition. This also helps you avoid used cars with an unclean title. Moreover, it grants benefits to you, such as the cooling-off period and statutory warranty. These perks can save you from unnecessary hassles and expenses. And these are benefits private sellers or auctions can’t give.

What are the rights that licensed Brisbane Honda dealers can provide to used car buyers?

Buy from Brisbane Honda dealership and enjoy these rights from the Queensland legislation:

Guarantee of clean title

The unclean title is a common case of dishonest used car sales. And the Queensland legislation wants to avoid it. This usually involves the selling of cars covered with unpaid debts, such as unpaid car loans.

When people purchase a car using car loans, lenders have an interest in the unit. They can repossess the car if the buyer fails to pay the loan.

If you buy a used car covered by unpaid loans, lenders can repossess it even from you. That leaves you empty handed after spending a significant amount. However, you can avoid such problem easily if you buy from accredited Honda dealers. Simply ask a Personal Property Securities Register Certification to verify the clean title.

One-day cooling-off period

Licensed Honda Brisbane dealers can grant you the rights for the cooling-off period. This is a full day for you to decide about pulling out from the transaction. You can test drive the car, bring it out the dealership or take it to a mechanic you trust.

If you observe some uncertainties, you can take it back to the dealership and withdraw from the transaction. You don’t have to worry about contract penalties during this period. However, note that the cooling-off period automatically ends when you bring the car home.

Sufficient warranties

Honda cars have their own warranties from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the law grants statutory warranty when you buy any used car from Brisbane Honda dealers. This warranty applies for used cars with less than 160,000km mileage. Moreover, it should be less than 10 years old from its manufacturing date.

This grants you warranty coverage for 3 months or the first 5,000km mileage. Thus, you can report any technical problems to the dealership and then you can have a Honda Brisbane service without any cost.

Rights to claim for compensation

Technical problems in used cars can cause serious accidents or huge expenses. And you should claim compensation from the dealer in case anything bad happens to you. If you lose control on the road because of problematic brakes, for example, the dealership can pay the cost of the damages.

Buying used cars from reputable Brisbane Honda dealers is definitely advantageous! With all the rights the law guarantees, it’s surely wise to spend a little bit more for it. Visit https://australhonda.com.au/ for used car deals now and find used cars in excellent condition. With their legit service, you can afford a car with a clean title and reasonable warranty.