What to Do When your Canon printer breaks down?

If you’re getting your first Canon printer for school work, a doctorate dissertation, a small private printing shop business or for office use, the first thing on your mind might be getting hold of the manual. This is because you want to do the setting up of the printer correctly. But the last thing on your mind will probably be about where to look for a Canon service centre in Sydney in case your printer gets broken. These Canon printers were recognized for their durability and excellence in producing printed works, but actually, no matter how careful or not the person is when using it when kept for so long, the printers eventually result in requiring upkeeps. Some other models or brands of printers need varying precise restoration procedures but with the Canon brand, there are Sydney Canon service centre repairs that follow a similar plain technique.

Understand and Diagnose the Problem/s

There are two main categories of the modern printers Canon manufactures today, and they are the office and consumer printers. Basically, that means they have printers for professional and personal use. Diagnostic troubleshooting will depend on what kind of printer you have. This is the initial phase in Canon printer servicing Sydney repair shops observe before they repair hardware or correct a firmware error.

Interpreting the Error Messages in the Printer’s Software

When there are hardware problems, usually error messages are being generated. But these error messages can’t be available at times; this is dependent on what software it operates on and what drivers it currently uses. For example, the error messages of the model’s SELPHY CP800 and PIXMA MX780 are identified by representatives from Canon service centre in Sydney by navigating thru the LCD screens and to read the status warnings and error description. But some models only show error codes on the computer and not on the printer’s LCD itself.

When Examining the Printer’s Dimensions

Aside from obvious problems like paper jams or ink loss, some problems involve a supplementary thorough assessment before the precise markings and classification of the problem becomes clear. Always begin by checking the printer’s outward appearance. Minor issues can start because of physical damage like not being able to print accurately margined papers. Aside from the printer’s casing, most Canon printer service repair and inspect the cylindrical print head metal guide for faults, such as dents or severe damages. Check also if the drive belt (the toothed one) of the printer might be irregularly shaped or it may be shattered.

Basic Printer Repairs

Once you’ve identified the cause of the problem like a broken part or a specific error code, you can hire a reliable Canon service centre in Sydney or you can also do it yourself by checking the maintenance manual accompanying the printer device to understand the printer’s functionality and, eventually, the technical problem more. Always keep in mind that your printer’s manual may differ from other brands or models of printers. Also, be wary of using common manual or guide books that are from those common printers since they are not specifically inclined to your Canon printer.